toggle indicatorWhat does Slice do?

Slice offers smart and user-friendly on-demand digital insurance solutions tailored for small businesses. Through their cloud-based platform, Slice provides small business insurance products.

toggle indicatorWho is Slice?

Slice has been shaping the future of insurance since 2015, and is backed by leading global insurers and reinsurers. Headquartered in New York City, Slice has been consistently recognized as an insurance and technology leader by industry publications, awards, and Tier 1 publications. To stay up to date, connect with Slice on LinkedIn.


toggle indicatorWhat products do you offer?

We currently offer the following on-demand small business insurance products:

  • Contractors General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

toggle indicatorWill you offer additional small business insurance products?

Yes, we are always forming new partnerships and building our product suite for small businesses.

toggle indicatorDo you offer homeshare insurance in the US?

We no longer offer homeshare insurance in the US.

toggle indicatorHow do I get help with a policy or claim?

Please contact your insurance carrier via information on your policy. Or you may reach us by phone on our toll‑free line at 1‑855‑638‑4465 or email at helpme@slice.is.

Charges / Payments

toggle indicatorI have a charge on my credit card from (855-638-4465, or Bus.Insur.855-959-1844). Is that Slice?

This is a charge for your small business insurance policy. Please refer to your policy documents sent via email or call the phone number next to the charge on your credit card statement.

toggle indicatorWho do I speak to about payments or policy renewals?

Please contact your insurance agent or reach us by phone on our toll‑free line at 1‑855‑638‑4465 or email at helpme@slice.is.

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