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Built with AI, ML, behavioral science, and Large Language Models, Slice Mind and our Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform are the core of everything we do and build. This innovation makes our products different, and, we’d argue, better.

Brilliantly designed for agents, clients, and carriers alike, each product crafted on ICS offers swift access to fully digital insurance solutions.

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Here’s how:

Since day one, we’ve pushed the boundaries of AI and ML, striving to craft smarter, superior products. Slice Mind and the ICS Platform have been utilized in products for:

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Customer experience:

Meticulously crafted user experience.

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End-to-end value chain capabilities:

Simplified processes for automated underwriting, claims, and settlement.

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AI & ML:

Embedded technologies for enhanced functionality.

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Signals & events:

Derived insights for personalized experiences.

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Regulatory, compliance & reporting:

Streamlined management on one platform.

Elevate the insurance experience.

We continually sought greater efficiency for our products, testing and implementing innovations as we learned. Today, leveraging insights and experiences, we enhance our current offerings. These improvements are seamlessly integrated into every facet of our platform and products, delivering enhanced capabilities for both partners and end users, and who’s kidding who, for us too!

Large Language Models (LLMs) have revolutionized our capabilities, amplifying our potential. Assisting in crucial areas like:

Risk AssessmentUnderwritingClaims ProtectionAutomated Document HandlingFraud DetectionCompliance & Regulatory AssistancePersonalized Recommendations
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Best-in-Class AI Technology with the Leading End-to-End Specialty Platform

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These models efficiently process the vast information we provide, enabling faster search and retrieval of answers, which is a good thing! Slice Mind gives us deeper insights, fed directly to the ICS platform, so we can elevate the insurance experience for both – our partners and end-users in tandem.

Explore tailored benefits across the board.

Agent Benefits

Agent Benefits

Accelerated and precise quoting, empowering agents to secure more business and foster greater customer retention.

Empowering agents with a robust dashboard for streamlined operations.

Tailored product offerings featuring customizable coverage options derived from diverse data sources.

Distribution Partner (MGAs / Wholesalers) Benefits

Distribution Partner (MGAs / Wholesalers) Benefits

Harnessing data-driven insights for informed pricing and product development, fostering a deeper understanding of the market, agents, and customers.

A robust partner dashboard showcasing our best-in-class AI/ML/LLM capabilities, granting a competitive edge to infiltrate the market.

Effortless integration with existing systems, ensuring seamless scalability as your business expands.

Carrier Benefits

Carrier Benefits

Enhanced underwriting accuracy through Slice Mind’s co-pilot underwriter, providing precise information with a reduction of noise and biases.

Advanced fraud detection and risk mitigation capabilities, enabling early detection to minimize risks and losses for both carriers and insured small businesses.

Stuart Baserman, CTO at Slice

Eight years in this space gives us an edge. We have a good understanding of the problems and we’re good at finding the right solutions. We have the data, the tech and the people in place. That’s what sets us apart.

– Stuart Baserman, CTO at Slice

Transform your insurance approach.

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